About Moema Espresso Republic

Moema Espresso Republic is an expanding premium fair trade coffee company with a fast-growing E-commerce vertical. With offices in Berlin and São Paulo, Moema is the German market leader in direct fair trade coffees.

In addition to coffee, Moema is a large Online Retailer of premium coffee equipment and accessories which are sold through a variety of E-commerce channels. Beside end-consumers, Moema delivers to food services (coffee shops, restaurants etc.), businesses and supermarkets as well.

Moema’s awarded "Direct Fair Trade" model grants that small local coffee cooperatives also do the roasting and the packaging of coffee beans. Thus, maximum part of the value is generated in the country of origin, which creates local jobs and sustainable structures. Hence, Moema coffees meet the demands of a modern European LOHAS while at the same time improving the living conditions of the coffee farmers.

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